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vacation home security tips

Going away for a #LongWeekend?  

Traveling to go see a certain football game???

Give your house that “lived in” feeling while you’re gone, and consider these tips:

  • Set interior lights (and maybe a radio or TV) to a timer.
  • Set exterior lights to motion or dusk-to-dawn setting.
  • Make sure the video surveillance and burglar alarm are activated.
  • If you park vehicle(s) outside, remove valuables and LOCK THE DOORS.
  • Tell a trusted neighbor your plans so they can watch out for suspicious activity at your house.
  • Don’t broadcast that you are out of town on your voice mail, email, or on social media. Wait to post your vacation photos until after you return!
  • Put a hold on deliveries and mail.  You don’t want packages sitting on the doorstep!
  • Stay safe and have a great trip!

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Officer Brian Hale, Public Information Officer

[email protected]


Vacation Home Security
Vacation Home Security

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