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scam alert: bitcoin and gift cards

SCAM ALERT: Bitcoin and Gift card Scams

This happened back in April, but this scam might be making the rounds again. Please take a few minutes to read the full story:

Some victims have lost tens of thousands of dollars. A few highlights from the attached release:

• A sure sign of a scam is being asked to withdraw cash and convert it to another form of money, most commonly cryptocurrency or gift cards.

• Scammers will speak with a sense of urgency and work hard to keep you on the phone, discouraging you from contacting police or anyone else.

• Scammers may sound legitimate, and they may even know some personal details about you to sound more believable.

• If you have questions about the call, hang up. Then, call a family member or trusted friend to get a second opinion. You can also call Hoover PD Dispatch non-emergency at 205-822-5300.



Officer Brian Hale, Public Information Officer

[email protected]


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