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psa: door-to-door sales

From time to time, we get asked if door-to-door sales are allowed in Hoover.

The City of Hoover requires a Solicitors and Peddlers Permit for solicitation of sales on a residential property or private residence (Hoover Municipal Ordinance 16-2301).

Individuals or businesses that want to LEGALLY solicit business must go through the application process with the City. As part of this process, the applicant is vetted by agreeing to a full criminal background check:

The business must be licensed with the City, and the INDIVIDUAL that is going door-to-door MUST apply for the solicitors permit. We encourage everyone to be familiar with the solicitor “rules of conduct”. Some highlights include:

• Permittee shall carry the permit and CITY OF HOOVER SOLICITOR/PEDDLER Identification badge (see attached). It “shall be worn in such a way to be plainly visible at all times.” Their COMPANY ID IS NOT ENOUGH!

• Can only operate between 9:00am and 6:00pm, or sundown, whichever is earliest, Mon-Sat.

• Shall comply with notices bearing the words “No Peddlers”, “No Solicitors”, or words of similar restriction on any private residential property in the City.

• Per Ordinance 16-2301 (sec. 8-401b), canvassers (political, faith-based, etc.) are exempt from the provisions of the Article.

• More information:

Link to the Hoover ordinance:

Your safety is our top priority. If someone is at your door, whether they have a permit or not, and you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please call us: 911 or 205-822-5300. It’s our job and we want to help.


Officer Brian Hale, Public Information Officer

[email protected]



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