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Chief Derzis is pleased to announce that HPD will once again be putting down their razors for “No Shave November” in order to raise money and awareness for The Wings of Hope Pediatric Foundation.

The Wings of Hope Pediatric Foundation is an organization that comes to the aid of families with terminally ill children. The moment a family receives their child’s terminal diagnosis, suddenly nothing else matters. Every second together becomes even more precious than before. The Wings of Hope Pediatric Foundation provides families with emotional support, meals, house cleaning, lawn care, and when necessary, financial assistance with paying bills. This is so families can focus on their child and the time they have together. No one at The Wings of Hope is a paid employee. Every dollar donated goes directly to relieving families of day-to-day menial tasks, and to giving them more priceless memories to hold onto forever.

HPD is proud to partner with this wonderful organization. If you would like to find out more information on The Wings of Hope Pediatric Foundation or make a contribution, go to their website below. All donations are tax deductible. Use the link below and choose “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund.” A list of available options will appear in a drop-down menu then select HOOVER POLICE DEPARTMENT.