K-9 Unit

Hoover Police is fortunate to have 6 working K-9s.  We have one dual purpose (patrol & narcotics) dog, two narcotics dogs, and three explosive detector dogs. The three explosive detector dogs are Labrador Retrievers; the dual purpose dog is a German Shepherd.  One of the drug dogs is a Belgian Malinois, and the other is a Labrador Retriever.

The dual purpose dogs are used for narcotics detection, building searches for hidden suspects, area searches for hidden suspects in woods, or open areas, tracking and general preventive patrol. The explosive detector dog is a single purpose dog and used only to find explosives or explosive materials.

The Hoover PD K-9 Officers are assigned to various shifts.  All of the K-9 teams are "on call" should they be needed during off-duty hours. When off duty, the K-9's live at home with their handlers as a part of the family.