Court Related Information

I was notified that there is a warrant for my arrest. What do I need to do to take care of this?

If you have had a Failure To Appear in Court warrant issued against you, you may be eligible to pay a warrant recall fee in order to have the warrant removed, without having to be arrested and make bond. For an outstanding warrant for anything other than Failure to Appear in Court, you must turn yourself in to the Hoover Police Department. After the warrant has been processed, you will be given an opportunity to post a bond and you will be given a court date. You may contact the Hoover Magistrate's Office at (205) 444-7526 to receive specific information pertaining to your case.

What type of bond may I use?

Every warrant has a specific bond amount attached to it. As long as it is not a "Failure To Appear" charge, you may use a bonding company, property bond, or cash. If a "Failure To Appear" warrant has been issued for your arrest, you must use cash.

The court date that I was given is inconvenient. Can I reschedule the court date?

You must appear before the judge on your original court date to obtain a continuance. If you have an attorney, your attorney can file a motion to appear and a motion requesting a continuance on your case. If you have any questions or wish to receive more specific information pertaining to your case, please contact the Hoover Magistrate's Office at (205) 444-7526.

I wish to just plead guilty and pay my fine. Will the court allow me to do this?

In certain cases (i.e. minor traffic citations, etc.) the court will allow you to enter a plea before a magistrate and pay your fines and court costs. These cases are listed on the Schedule of Fines and should be paid before your court date (which is listed at the bottom of your citation). If your citation is not listed on the Schedule of Fines then a court appearance is required. You may call our office at (205) 444-7526 to find out more information about your case.

I need to find out the exact amount of my fine. How can I find this out?

Only the offenses listed on the Schedule of Fines may be paid without a formal court appearance. By paying your fine and court costs, you are pleading guilty to the offense and waiving your right to a trial on that offense. If you decide to pay your citation by mail, we must receive your payment in full on or before your court date. We will not honor your postmark date. It is your responsibility to make sure we have received the full payment before your court date. When sending payment through the mail, you must submit a certified check or money order made payable to: Hoover Municipal Court. No Personal or Business Checks will be accepted.

For offenses that are not listed on the Schedule of Fines the municipal judge determines the amount of the fine for each individual case. Depending upon the charge, the judge can place a maximum $500.00 fine plus court costs that will vary based on the charge. There are some fines (i.e. DUI, Theft of Property) that can be much higher than this.

After I go to court, will the judge give me additional time to pay?

Payment for fines and court costs is expected at the time that you appear in court.

How many years will the charge stay on my record?

If you are charged and convicted of a criminal offense, it will always stay on your record.

How do I get a court-appointed attorney?

You can apply for a court-appointed attorney when you appear in court. The judge will review your application to determine if you are eligible. Eligibility is based on financial need.

What form of payment do you accept?

If paying by mail, the only acceptable form of payment is by Certified Cashiers Check or Money Order made payable to Hoover Municipal Court.

If paying in person, you may use Certified Cashiers Check, Money Order, Cash, Visa or Mastercard. You will be charged a $4.00 transaction fee for using your Visa or Mastercard (subject to change without notice)

No Personal Checks are accepted.
Is there anything I can do about my ticket instead of just pleading guilty and paying the fine?

If you are not guilty of the offense in which you are charged, you should enter a plea of Not Guilty.

If you are guilty of the offense in which you are charged, but would like to keep the points from going on your drivers record, the Hoover Municipal Court offers a Defensive Driving School.

I received a ticket for No Proof of Insurance - How much will that cost me?

First - If you were involved in an automobile accident, you MUST appear in court - none of the following conditions apply to your situation. If you were not involved in an accident, you may take care of your citation before a magistrate during normal operating hours instead of going before the Municipal Judge.

If you had insurance at the time, but did not have proof of insurance with you when the officer requested it - you will need to bring proof that your insurance was current on that vehicle and that it is still current - the citation will be dismissed with you paying the court cost of $134.00.

If you did not have insurance, but have obtained insurance since receiving the citation - you will need to bring proof that you have obtained insurance on that vehicle, you will be found guilty of the citation, with a reduced fine of $100.00 and Court Cost of $134.00 for a total of $234.00.

If you did not have insurance, and have not obtained insurance, you will be found guilty of the citation, with a fine of $300.00 and Court Costs of $134.00 for a total of $434.00

Property Retrieval Information

What is the procedure for picking up personal property?

The owner needs to call (205) 444-7700 or e-mail the Property Clerk to make an appointment. The property clerk will discuss additional requirements, if necessary, with the owner. Appointments should be made prior to 3:00 pm each day Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Jail and Custody Information

What is the procedure for posting bail?

There are three types of bonds:

  • Cash: All bonds can be posted with cash money, however, some bonds are cash only bonds and can only be made with cash, i.e. Probation violations and all Failure to Appear cases are cash only bonds.
  • Property: If the magistrate in the court office set's a bond as a "Good Bond", two land property owners may use their current Tax Assessment cards with good ID and post an inmates bond. Please call the jail for details on posting a property bond.
  • Professional Bonding Company: There is a list of Professional Bonding companies posted in the jail lobby. Citizens can contact the companies and inquire about bonding procedures.
What are the hours of operation for the Hoover City Jail?

The Hoover City Jail is open 24-7.

Is there a telephone number that I can call to find out if someone is in jail?

The telephone number to call for jail related issues and for inmate information is (205) 444-7737.

How many visits can an arrestee have?

An inmate can have more than one visitor at a time with appropriate ID and staff approval. The visitation period for male inmates is Sunday from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. The visitation period for female inmates is Sunday from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm. **Federal Detainee Visitation is on Saturday from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

Will the Hoover City Jail staff permit inmates to receive personal items from visitors?

The Hoover City Jail does accept personal clothing for inmates. Please call the jail at (205) 444-7737 for details on what clothing is accepted and the correct times you may bring it to the jail.

Crime related FAQ's

Where can I obtain information about Domestic Violence?

The Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence Hotline can be a good place to start. The telephone number is (800) 650-6522. They are prepared to answer your questions and refer you to additional resources in the area that you live or work.

How can I obtain a protection from abuse order? Or obtain a restraining order?

The answer to this question is dependent upon where you live in the City of Hoover. If you live in the Jefferson County Division of Birmingham, you will need to contact the Jefferson County Family Court @ (205) 325-5491. If you live in the Bessemer Court District of Jefferson County, you will need to contact the Jefferson County Domestic Violence Court Bessemer District @ (205) 481-8043. Finally, if you live in the Shelby County area of Hoover, you will need to contact the Shelby County Court @ (205) 669-3740.

How can I report child abuse?

If you live in the Jefferson County area of Hoover, contact the Jefferson County Department of Human Resources @ (205) 325-2135. If you live in the Shelby County area of Hoover, contact the Shelby County Court House @ (205) 669-3000.

At what point is a child legally considered to be an adult?

For the purposes of criminal prosecution, a child becomes an adult at age eighteen. Legal emancipation, age at which a child is legally released from parental control and supervision, is nineteen.

FAQ's for Police Records

How can I get my car out of police impound?

A vehicle will be released to the legal registered owner with proof of insurance & a current U.S. Driver's License. Release forms will be issued at the Hoover Public Safety Center (Police Records), 1st floor, 2020 Valleydale Road.  HOURS: Monday - Friday (except Holidays), 7:30 AM - 5 PM.

What are the reporting requirements if I have been involved in a traffic accident?

You are required by law to complete an SR-31 Form ONLY IF a motor vehicle accident caused death, personal injury, or property damage to any one owner in excess of $500 by an uninsured motorist.  This form is available at www.hooverpd.com under the "Resources" Tab, "Online Forms" section or www.dps.alabama.gov/services.  For questions, contact Safety Responsibility Unit at (334) 242-4222.

How can I obtain a copy of an accident report?

Accident reports are available at the Hoover Public Safety Center 1st floor (Police Records) 2020 Valleydale Road.

HOURS:       Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM-5 PM (except holidays)          

All reports cost $5.00 --- cash, Visa, MasterCard only (no personal checks). Call (205) 444-7739 before coming to verify that the report is complete. Reports are also available by mail. Send a certified check or money order payable to the City of Hoover and a self-addressed, postage-paid return envelope to:
                                                                              Hoover Police Department, Attn: Records Unit
                                                                              2020 Valleydale Road Suite 102
                                                                              Hoover, AL 35244

How can I obtain a copy of a police report?

Police reports are available to the VICTIM ONLY with Identification required. Reports are available at the Hoover Public Safety Center, 1st floor, 2020 Valleydale Road, between 7:30 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday, except holidays. All reports cost $5.00 --- cash, Visa, MasterCard only.