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Nicholas C. Derzis, Chief of Police

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April, 17 2017

Shut out Burglars

"Surveillance" doesn't always mean video like you might think. Here's a clarification:

Surveillance falls into 2 categories, Artificial and Natural Surveillance. Artificial Surveillance is video, which always is a good tool. Natural, however, is much more encompassing (and less money!). Natural surveillance is, you guessed it, human eyes! You, your neighbors, the postal worker, someone walking their dog, someone exercising in the neighborhood, etc.

The idea of natural surveillance is this: "see and be seen". You want the potential criminal to feel like he can be seen, whether real or perceived. How do you accomplish this? Clear lines of sight from your house to the street or other neighbors. Consider trimming bushes and trees using the 3' down/7" up principle: bushes no higher than three feet, tree branches/foliage no lower than seven feet. With spring cleaning in full gear, this is a great time to trim up your landscaping; yes, to look nice and neat, but also to aid in CRIME PREVENTION! If you don't provide a criminal a place to conceal himself, AND your neighbors can see your home from where they are, then your chances of becoming a victim decrease.

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