Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program dedicated to improving the quality of life in Hoover's neighborhoods.

In this program, citizens and police officers work as partners. Neighborhood Watch is a cohesive body of concerned citizens addressing safety and security issues within your neighborhood. It is about empowering the citizens of Hoover through education and teamwork to help reduce the chances of being victimized by crime.


As part of the community, the Hoover Police Department plays an important role in keeping the community safe.  However, there cannot be an Officer on every corner, so citizen involvement is essential to combat crime.

You and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your community.  By cooperating with each other and Law Enforcement, citizens can help fight crime in their neighborhood in the most effective way:  BEFORE it begins.


An active Neighborhood Watch (NW) is one of the most successful and least costly crime prevention programs available.  NW is a cooperative effort between the Hoover Police Department and its citizens.  It is designed to help reduce residential burglaries and other crimes.  You will learn how to:        

  •  Identify and report suspicious activity
  • Better safeguard your home and property
  • Be prepared in case of emergencies
  • Reduce the risk of being a crime Victim  


Click here to learn how to start a Neighborhood Watch in your area


Questions?  Contact Officer Brian Hale at (205) 739-6050 or email him